Why Travelwise is a member of AITO

Being independent allows AITO Agents to select a holiday that is best suited to you. As the preferred partners for selling AITO members’ holidays, a visit to an AITO Agent means the widest possible access to experiential holidays that you simply won’t find on the high street! These are the companies you want to trust with your most special holidays. Booking with an AITO Agent means choice and quality.

Why book with an AITO Agent?

AITO Agents pride themselves on offering exceptional service for discerning travellers at no extra cost. You can expect an open approach to prices, creative holiday experiences and full understanding of your needs. To ensure Agents are providing the service we promise, all of them abide by the AITO Agents 10 point promise below.

  • We understand our clients and will find you the right holiday
  • We go ‘beyond Google’
  • We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to recommend what is best for your needs
  • We are reactive and suggest alternatives
  • We are independent and honest
  • We are open about prices and charges
  • We provide reassurance, your money is safer with us
  • We provide personal service in a self-service world
  • We are happy to be of service, expect a friendly welcome
  • We care passionately about your satisfaction – before, during and after your holiday, and look forward to your feedback.

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