Nici travels to Anguilla

ANGUILLA Oh, where to begin…..? Anguilla really is picture postcard Caribbean perfection. This British overseas territory with just 14,000 residents is only 16 miles long by 3 miles wide but it has so much to offer from turquoise seas &

Viva Cuba – Dallal Covers it all

Of all the places I have been my Dad was most jealous of Cuba. “Ah the music…” he shouted as he danced around the living room to some imagined drumbeat. “Can you bring me back a cigar?”. He hasn’t smoked

Well, Well, Well

We’re delighted to announce that Travelwise, in conjunction with AquAid Africa & The Africa Trust, has built a fresh water well in Zimbabwe.  We’ve just received this amazing photo, which we wanted to share with you showing our aptly named well in action.  Those

Andy aka Japandy

In anticipation for my trip, I couldn’t get the 1984 Alphaville hit “Big in Japan” out of my head. However, little did I know how apt it would be for my trip to The Land of the Rising Sun. Within

Katie visits Sardinia

I was sent on my first work trip with Travelwise this year, a little nervous of what sort of experience I might have. As it turns out, there was no running around like a headless chicken! Sardinia is a beautiful

Dallal Visits Washington for the Weekend

Having just come back from a holiday to Jordan and a trek through the Middle Eastern Desert, I thought it was far too liberal for me there, so I felt the need to journey somewhere that was more politically tumultuous.

Dallal does….Jordan

“You’ve been here for six months” Nici told me, “you need to take a holiday.” It is the typical travel agent issue that when I spend all day booking trips for others, I can go months without planning anything for

Carlisle Bay Antigua

We are delighted to have partnered up with the luxury 5 star Carlisle Bay Hotel in Antigua. Next summer we can offer up to 40 % discount to stay in ocean and beach balcony suites. Carlisle Bay is a luxury