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The USA is open for tourism for fully vaccinated visitors so as we say HELLO once again to our neighbours across the pond we thought we’d catch up with our very own USA specialist Dallal and ask her about her favourite haunts .

How many US states are there Dallal and how many of these have you visited?

In all there are 50 US States and I’ve visited 17 so far but some of them I’ve travelled to twice to do them properly

Hawaii, California, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, New York, Long Island, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Rhode Island.

Which is your favourite state?

That’s a tough one but I would have to say so far Utah because I love a desert landscape and I’m a sucker for National Parks. Utah has the big 5; Canyonlands, Arches, Zion, Bryce and Capitol Reef. It also has Monument Valley which is my favourite place on Earth.

What’s been your most memorable trip to the US, tell us your itinerary and what made it so special.

For my 40th I went on an epic 4-week road trip across Nevada, Utah and Arizona ending up in Las Vegas. I did a mix of luxury with the Amangiri  outside of Page and the Wynn in Las Vegas, along with some quirkier properties such as a traditional tepee in Monument Valley and a haunted hospital in a ghost town. I spent lots of time in the National Parks and in Monument Valley I spent the day with an elder of the Navajo Nation which was an amazing privilege. Travelling alone isn’t for everyone but being on the open road with a play list is so liberating.  I also love staying on ranches so knew I had to head to Tombstone where I got lost and ended up getting escorted to the Tombstone Monument Ranch by the local Marshall. I love revisiting frontier life and have dressed up as a saloon girl and also Laura Ingalls!

I know you’re keen to return to the States after not being able to for so long, where are you planning to visit on your next trip?

Pre-pandemic I had planned to go to the Deep South to spend time listening to rock n roll and country music. I’m also a fan of Battlefield tours and educating myself on the history of the South with visits to Plantations. Oh and I really want to go to Dollywood!.

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