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South America

Home to the world’s largest rainforest and the world’s driest desert, South America is arguably the most geographically dynamic continent on the planet. Add in vibrant cities, Inca ruins, unique wildlife and towering Andean peaks; this is a continent that has it all!


Famous for its beautiful beaches and beautiful people, Brazil is a cosmopolitan and tropical destination. Rio, the capital of carnival, is a glamorous city with an unparalleled setting. Viewed from the Statue of Christ, the mix of rainforest, mountains and ocean is truly breathtaking. Bordering all but two South American countries, much of Brazil is covered in thick Amazon Rainforest.


From tango in the streets of Buenos Aires and the gauchos of Salta to the wind-swept landscape of Patagonia and the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, Argentina has huge character. We have expert experience in tailor making your bespoke tour.

  • Essential experiences
  • Explore cosmopolitan  Buenos Aires by day and dine at chic restaurants and watch tango by night.
  • Sip fine wine and cycle through vineyards in the fertile valleys of  Mendoza.
  • Get up close and personal with the mighty waterfalls at  Iguazú.
  • Experience the windswept wild wilderness of  Tierra de Fuego.
  • Watch waddling penguins and head to the water in search of whales in the Valdés Peninsula.


From the icy waters around Cape Horn to the dry deserts of Peru, Chile’s landscape is stunning and incredibly varied. The Pacific is never far away and the Andes Mountains, which form the backbone of the country, loom large. Sit back with a glass of Chilean wine and take it all in.

Essential experiences

Meet the stone ‘moai’ of  Easter Island.

Explore dramatic landscapes in the day and star gaze at night in the  Atacama Desert.

Cruise amongst the fjords and glaciers of Chile’s dramatic coastline.

Hike and horse-ride beneath the mighty granite pillars of  Torres.


Ecuador & The Galapagos

Ecuador has much more to offer beyond being the access point to the Galapagos Islands. Explore the Ecuadorian Amazon, hike volcanoes, browse indigenous markets, vist Ingapirca, an Inca site, ride on the devil’s nose train and check out the city of Cuenca.

The Galapagos is one of the world’s most unique wildlife destinations. With a climate that is fairly constant, it truly is a year round destination where temperatures vary from 20 to 28 c. Home to land & marine iguanas, frigatebirds, the waved albatross, the Galapagos finch, blue and red footed boobies, sea lions, the Galapagos penguins, fur seals and of course the giant Galapagos tortoises. Explore the wildlife on land and from the water, snorkle amongst the curious sea lions and penguins and take a hike on the marked out nature trails to get up close and personal to the mammals, birds and reptiles without them batting an eyelid. 

We love South & Central America, our aim is simple, to provide you with a truly memorable holiday tailored made to suit you


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